Hello Colleagues,


As the newly elected president of OHSAM, I am pleased to have the chance to lead our chapter and to provide information as to what we are currently doing for the state of Ohio in terms of helping those battling the disease of addiction. Our state and our specialty are currently confronted with a substance abuse epidemic that is without precedent. There is a significant need for expansion of both the quality and quantity of treatment, and it will be a challenging endeavor for all providers to navigate the complex and shifting regulatory situation while providing optimal evidence-based care. Also, it is very important that those taking excellent care of patients are appropriately reimbursed for their services in order to continue operating and expanding.

The great news is that effective and innovative ways of providing treatment for substance use disorders are available, and one of our goals with this website is to provide up to date resources for those seeking support, advocacy, and answers to the epidemic that our state is currently experiencing. It is my primary goal to work towards a situation where every provider in Ohio can take excellent care of patients with evidence-based medicine in a reasonable and rewarding environment.


Shawn A. Ryan, MD, MBA
President and CMO of BrightView
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Cincinnati